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People, Not a Database

Yes, we have a vast database of searches, many of which are non-public and/or exclusive, but that is not what is paramount. You are an individual, with individual career goals, interests, and experiences. That is our focus and that is what we leverage to find you the best possible fit for your long-term success. We do not passively dredge a database, trying to fit you into a predetermined role. Rather, we are out on the street, speaking daily with our client firms and companies to uncover and identify opportunities, sometimes before they have a particular need.

Personalization: One Size Does Not Fit All

Just because you are an X year corporate partner or associate, and a firm is looking for an X year corporate partner or associate, does not mean there is a fit. We dig much deeper, taking into account culture, personality, conflicts, short and long-term growth potential, and more to identify the very best opportunities for you in light of your specific background and career aspirations.

100% Accessibility

Since the majority of our candidates and clients have deadline-driven schedules and are often billing their time (and therefore not able to talk during normal business hours), we are accessible seven days a week, including evenings and weekends. We are committed to being more available to our clients and candidates than other legal search firms, many of whom employ part-time recruiters who deliver part-time results. Our responsiveness has enabled us to excel in the marketplace.

Protect Your Resume

The last thing you want to do is blast your resume to every firm or company in town or across the country, regardless of current needs. Doing so will prejudice your future chances for success and unduly close doors that might otherwise have been open to you under different circumstances. Knowing when not to act is as important as being aggressive when real opportunity presents itself.

Successful Legal Recruiting Is Not Paper-Shuffling

Successful recruiting does not end with a candidate submission. It starts with the submission. From interview preparation to offer negotiation, we distinguish ourselves through our sincere dedication when lesser recruiters have already moved on to the next candidate.

The Most Talented Candidates Say the Same Thing

“I’m generally happy here.” Of course you are. You are very good at what you do, and that is why we want to speak with you. We are an invaluable resource in helping you understand where you are relative to the broader legal market, where you want to go, and how we can enable you to ultimately succeed in getting there.

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